Affiliate Dashboard

Thanks for being a part of our community. You can now earn a commission on any sales that you refer to us.

There's two ways to make sure the orders are tracked to your account.

1. Share the discount code (listed below) with your friends and followers. They will receive a 20% discount off their order and you will earn a commission on the order.
2. Share the link below with your friends and followers. This is a great option for linking from blogs or instagram stories. The default link goes to our front page but you can create links to other pages or products on our website by using the 'new link' button below. When your friends and followers click on this link, they will receive 20% off their purchase and any purchases they make during the tracked period (listed below) will earn you a commission. 

Payments will be made at the beginning of every month via PayPal using the email address you have entered below. Please ensure this is up to date.

For any questions just reach out:

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